The issue of a missing person is a profound concern that impacts families, communities, and society at large. Swift, efficient, and empathetic investigations are crucial to resolving these cases. Our investigation team is dedicated to finding answers and reuniting loved ones.

Every Missing Person Case Is Unique


My name is Quinn (CJ) and I am an expert missing person investigator with over 15 years of investigative experience through law enforcement and private investigations. While in law enforcement, I worked in Special Investigations that involved undercover work and those skills carried over into the private sector where I have been able to successfully investigate a variety of cases ranging from criminal investigations, high-profile federal cases, human trafficking, and missing persons.

For the past seven years, my focus has been missing persons cases where I have maintained a 90% success rate which has afforded me the opportunity to be featured and consult with shows and networks such as Investigation Discovery, Disappeared, and True Crime Series. Having the honor to have worked and assisted on some of the toughest cases has given me a unique perspective into the world of missing persons cases.

My mission is to bring hope and resolution to the families of missing individuals which is why I have assembled a team of seasoned investigators and professionals including cyber intelligence analysts, field investigators, legal consultants, social workers, and mental health advocates. Our team possesses a comprehensive skill set that enables us to approach cases from multiple angles. Our combined experience allows us to devise innovative strategies tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, ensuring that no avenue goes unexplored.

A family member walks into the police station to report a missing person and they quickly learn that if the missing person left home of their own free will or isn’t an immediate danger to themselves or others, then the police will not actively search for the loved one and/or will not take a missing person report. It becomes the officer's discretion to enter a BOLO (be on the lookout), which advises officers that if the person is located through the normal course of business (for example a traffic stop) then they are to contact the department/officer that entered the BOLO and inform them that the person was located. The officer will determine if the missing person is choosing to be “missing” on their own accord and remove the BOLO. The officer is under no obligation to contact the individual who attempted to file a missing person report.

Police are trained to handle many kinds of emergency situations from violent incidences to kidnappings. What police do not do, however, is actively find a person who does not want to be found. Most missing person cases begin like this: a family member enters the police station to report a missing person and the first question asked is “How long have they been missing?” First and foremost, understand that there is a common misconception that families must wait 24 hours to report a missing person; however, there is no waiting period and if it is believed that a person is missing, families do not need to wait to report. The next question is the most important, “What are the circumstances that lead to how and/or why the person is missing?” In order for police to initiate an investigation, they need to know that the person did not leave of their own free will. This can be due to mental illness or other factors, but in any case, if a person is an adult who is missing because they wanted to leave, there will be no report and no investigation in most jurisdictions. More often than none, law enforcement does not know/understand the extent to which the missing person's mental illness has caused them to disengage or the circumstances that led to the individual isolating themselves from their families. If the officer believes that the individual left on their own accord, you may hear something like “It’s not a crime for an adult to not contact their family or friends.” Again, police do not actively look for individuals believed to have left on their own accord. While you may think your only recourse is to wait for police to locate your loved one, a more proactive option is to hire a private investigator.

Our investigators are highly trained professionals who have various techniques that the police do not use to find your loved one. Our team has experience with investigating missing person cases that involve mentally ill persons and persons who choose not to have contact with their family for whatever reason. These cases are often challenging and complex and require a carefully coordinated investigation that involves the Client (family) and Public Sector personnel such as local police and social services. Our team is uniquely qualified to bring these vital resources together in a way that effectively, compassionately, and affordably results in the most efficient investigation possible.

Police can only do so much

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